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Salini E. (2016-20)Cognition, Transformation and Lives2019
Akhil Ayappadas (2016-20)Smart Materials and Intelligent System Design2019
Akhil Ayappadas (2016-20)Fundamentals of Electronic Device Fabrication2019
Sanjay S. (2016-20)Product Design Using Value Engineering2019
Roney V. Biju (2016-20)Understanding Design – Online2019
Vivek A. S. (2016-20)Innovation by Design – Online2019
Ashwin Menon (2016-20)Manufacturing of Composites – Online2019
Akshay M. (2016-20)Innovation by Design – Online2019
Sujith S. (2016-20)Innovation by Design – Online2019
Sanjeev Krishna R. (2016-20)Product Design Using Value Engineering2019
Nadheer K. S. (2016-20)Product Design and Development2019

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