Finance Club

Finance club of ASM aimed at fostering a community passionate about financial management, investment strategies, and economic trends.

Key Activities/ Areas

  • Knowledge Enrichment: ASM finance club organizes a series of workshops, seminars, and guest lectures to keep its members updated on the latest developments in finance
  • Skill Development: ASM finance club conducts skill development sessions, financial modeling competitions, and simulations.
  • Networking Opportunities: ASM finance club actively facilitates interactions between its members and finance professionals.
  • Industry Immersion: ASM finance club organises industry visits, internships, and collaborative projects allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world financial scenarios, preparing them for the demands of the finance industry.
  • Events and Competitions: ASM finance club encourages participation in finance-focused events, case competitions, and conferences, both within and outside the B-School.
  • Leadership and Ethics: ASM finance club emphasizes the importance of ethical leadership in finance. The club organises leadership development programs, mentorship initiatives, and discussions on ethical considerations in financial decision-making.


Ms. Manju M

Student Representatives:

Ms. Priyanka K R ( Second Year MBA-General)

Mr. Gokul G ( Second Year MBA-General)

Mr. Bazanth B ( First Year MBA-General)

Ms. Hisana Nasrin ( First bYear MBA-General)

Ms. Anjali A ( First Year MBA-HCM)