Media Club

Discover. Create. Inspire.

Media Club @ ASM, where creativity meets passion and stories come to life. It is more than just a club; it’s a community of storytellers dedicated to capturing the pulse of our campus and beyond. Media Club provides coverage for all types of on and off campus activities and events. The Club is also responsible for promoting ASM the Club is mainly run by students as contributors of stories, photos, videos and newsworthy articles. The core objective of the Media Club is to foster creativity among students in the realm of media. We believe in the power of media to inform, engage, and inspire. Our goal is to harness this power in a way that positively impacts our community and beyond.

Aims & Objectives

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and media, our vision is to equip MBA students with the skills and insights to navigate and lead in this dynamic environment. We aim to foster a community where creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership in media communication thrive with a focus:

    • To develop Communication
    • To enhance Media Literacy
    • To develop Business Acumen In Media
    •  To foster  Innovation and Creativity
    • To promote Professional Development& Professional Network
    • To support Research and Discussion.
    • To cultivate Leadership Skills


Jyothis Rachel Mathews
Faculty Coordinator      

Student Coordinators

Mr. Abhishek ( Second Year MBA-HCM)

Ms. Ahla Ibrahim Rawther ( Second Year MBA-HCM)

Ms. Navya Mahesh( First Year MBA-HCM)

Mr. AKhil ( First Year MBA-HCM)