Anti Ragging Cell Report

In ASM an Anti-ragging cell is functioning with the following members.

  1.  Prof. (Dr.) B Vijayachandran Pillai (Principal & Director,ASM)
  2.  Ms. Manju M (Coordinator)
  3. Dr. K Manivannan
  4. Ms. Lia Elizabeth Raju  (Students co-ordinator)
  5. Ms. Shahala Nasri A  (Students co-ordinator)
  6. Fathima V K   (Students co-ordinator)
  7. Akhil P  (Students co-ordinator)
  8. The committee reported that there were no incidents of ragging or sexual harassment in the campus during the academic year 2023-24.
  9. At the time of admission, the institution takes an undertaking (oath) from all the students pledging that they will not engage in any kind of anti- ragging activities. We organize awareness programmes with the help of experts in this respect.