Grievance Committee

An internal committee cell / Grievance (sexual harassment cell) is functioning in the college with the following members.

  1. Prof. Dr. B. Vijayachandran Pillai – -Principal & Director
  2. Dr. K Manivannan – Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Aashna Sidhic -Assistant Professor
  4. Ms. Manju M -Assistant Professor
  5. Ms. Karthika CS – Admin Executive
  6. Jyotsna Jayan  (Students co-ordinator)
  7. Sam Ajith  (Students co-ordinator)
  8. Ms. Lia Elizabeth Raju  (Students co-ordinator)
  9. Ms. Shahala Nasri A  (Students co-ordinator)

The College has zero complaint with regards to any grievances from both students and faculty members. The vision of Internal Complaints Committee/ Grievance Committee is to insist zero-tolerance attitude towards gender based harassment as per the guidelines of Government and the College.

  • The committee noted that no complaint against sexual harassment against any students from our institution has been received during the academic year

In case any student experiences any issue in this respect can contact the members or put the same in the separate box provided, then we will take appropriate action based on the request.

Academic year Complaints regarding harassment-Students Complaints regarding harassment-Faculty
2023-24 Nil Nil


Complaints Status [2023-2024]

Total Complaints Received: NIL

Complaints Closed : NIL

Complaints Active(Students): NIL

Complaints Active (Faculty): NIL

Complaints Active in UGC: NIL