EnSav Club


EnSAv (Energy Saving Awareness) Club focuses on bringing about a first-hand realization of the energy crisis and scarcity of natural resources in the country. With the increasing demand for energy, effective management and conservation of the same has become the need of the hour. Recognizing the immense value the Professional Students can bring to the initiative and taking due consideration of this urgent need, GREEN9 started Energy Saving Awareness Club (EnSAv Club), to propagate efficient usage of energy and to educate the society on climate change issues in the forthcoming years.

Energy Saving Awareness Club allows the student to showcase their talents and concern towards energy conservations and importance of implementing renewable sources. As students, parent and teachers are being sensitized towards “energy conservations” issues that confront each one of us , today. Students undertake various activities and present their ideas to conserve energy, as we all know “energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed”

The club was launched with a motive to engage students, the future of our country, increasing awareness and taking their first steps in Energy Conservation. The program however, was never meant to stay in this narrow space, but to widen the horizon and enable a child to take necessary steps in his/her individual capacity to be better and responsible citizens of the world. Today, along with energy conservation, we are sensitizing students about resource scarcity, and effects of CO2 emissions. We are also in the process of piloting a civic and moral values program for values are the foundations that make responsible citizens. Ms. Lakshmy Suresh (Asst. Prof., EEE) serves as the coordinator for the club.

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