International Women’s Day Celebration

On March 8th 2022, ASM celebrated International Women’s Day at 11:00 am.  The event was inaugurated by Principal & Director Prof. (Dr) B. Vijayachandran Pillai, followed by a speech on the importance of women’s day by Ms. Akhila Babu , Assistant professor ASM-HCM, the coordinator of the program.  Thereafter, students from both 1st & 2nd year MBA (Ms. Nayanthara R.B, Mr. S Sabin Kumar, Mr.  Arjun Satheesh, Mr. Naveen Kumar , Ms. Meghna M J & Ms. B Deepthi) spoke on the achievements and problems faced by the women in various fields.  In addition to that, a wonderful poster was prepared by Mr. Linu V, Ms. Abiya Sara Biju and Mr. Sarath Sankar of 1st year MBA and also, in order to raise the awareness and show the support, our students has created a beautiful picture on the theme-“Break the Bias”, by crossing their arms.  The celebration came to an end by proposing a vote of thanks by Ms. Farsana Noushad Kottakal of 1st year MBA at 11:45am.