2022 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Ahalia Group Academic Institutions organised a panel discussion on the urgency of dealing with violence against women and girls. Dr. Latha Nair, Project Director, Industrial Operations Research Group and Ms. Archana Subash, HR Head, Trinity Skillworks were the panelists. Dr. Latha Nair suggested that celebrating womanhood and keeping dignity is primary and every woman should feel proud of herself. Ms. Archana Subash said the notion that women are the weaker sex is still lingering on to our minds despite the advancements in the society. Rather than comparing with men, let’s concentrate on celebrating the accomplishments of women.Dr. P. R. Sreemahadevan Pillai, Director, Ahalia Group Academic Institutions presided over the event. Prof. Kripa K. M., Convener, Women Grievance & Empowerment Cell, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology welcomed the gathering. Ms. Abhishta S., S3 CSE, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology and Ms.  Almas Fathima, S3, BBA, Ahalia School of Commerce and Mathematics, introduced the guests to the audience. Ms. Chaithra, S3 CSE, Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology compered the program. Ms. Bindu Valoor, Manager-Academics Outreach, Ahalia Group proposed the vote of thanks. The students and staff of Ahalia School of Engineering and Technology, Ahalia School of Commerce and Mathematics and Ahalia School of Management attended the event.

Inauguration of MBA 2022-24 Batch

On 3rd November 2022, a session was arranged for the formal inauguration of the 10th batch of MBA Programme of the ASM. In the programme, Ms. Ann Mary Francis (Faculty, ASM) welcomed the Chief Guest and all the participants. Mr. N. Presanna Kumar, former Vice President and Head, Credit Monitoring Department, Federal Bank, Aluva was the Chief Guest who inaugurated the programme. He gave certain tips to the students for enhancing their excellence. In his presidential address, Prof. (Dr.) B. Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, ASM narrated the uniqueness of the MBA programme and the need for enhancing the soft skills of the students. Dr.Krishna Kumar Kishor, Executive Director, Ahalia Group in his speech, stressed the need for enhancing soft skills and explained the facilities available in the campus and requested the students to utilise the facilities properly. Dr. S. N. Jagadeesh (Principal, ASCM), Dr. K Manivannan (Faculty, ASM) , Ms. Manju (Faculty, ASM), Neetu P. M. (Faculty, ASM) and Rakesh P. Prabhakar (Administrator. ASM) offered felicitations. After the inaugural session, the Chief Guest shared his practical experience in different capacities in an interactive style. The students asked their queries and clarified. The session came to an end at 1.25 pm.

UHV programme for MBA 2022-24 Batch

Day 1 (19/10/2022)

   The orientation/Induction programme on UHV for MBA students of 2022-24 Batch commenced on 19.10.2022. The Principal and Director, Prof. B.Vijayachandran Pillai formally inaugurated the session at 10.30 am. The principal has narrated the purpose of orientation, the facilities available and unique features of the Ahalia Institutions during the inaugural session. Thereafter, an ice breaking session was arranged in which all the faculty members were given a brief introduction about them. Similarly, all the students introduced themselves and mentioned their ambitions, strengths and weakness etc.

Day 2 (20/10/2022)          

In the first session, Prof. B Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, ASM has explained the unique attractions of MBA programme, career prospects, skills required to pursue MBA etc.

         In the second session, Dr. Aashna Sidhic, Assistant Professor, ASM has handled one session on the topic ‘Why MBA in Health Care Management’. The session discussed in detail about the scope and sectors where MBA- Healthcare Management professionals can find jobs and the career opportunities.

Day 3 (21/10/2022)         

  On the second day of the orientation the first session was handled by Ms. Sanitha A, Librarian, ASM on the topic ‘Library Services’. In the session, she discussed the types of libraries, library software and the E- resources. Later, she explained the rules and regulations to be followed and the services offered by the ASM library.

In the second session from 11.30 to 1.00 pm, Ms. Ann Mary Francis, Assistant Professor of ASM, discussed about ‘Time Management’. She narrated the relevance of keeping time management by students and suggested suitable methods to overcome obstacles in this respect.

      Day 4 (21/10/2022)

           On the fourth day of the orientation (25.10.2022) the first session at 9.30 am was handled by Dr. K Manivannan, Associate Professor, HCM, ASM on the topic career opportunities for Healthcare Management students. In this session, he gave an introduction to various posts, departments and various job opportunities in healthcare and hospitals and banks and other industries for general MBA students. It was discussed in detail how the students will be prepared for facing and creating job interests in respective areas.         

The second session was handled by Ms. Neetu P M, Assistant Professor, ASCM on the topic ‘Good and Service Tax (GST) – An Overview’. The session began at 2.00 pm explaining about the indirect taxation system in India and the factors led to the implementation of GST. Certain key terms like tax cascading and tax pyramiding effect during the prior GST regime was discussed. The session came to an end by 3.30 pm.

Day 5 (26/10/2022

          The first session was handled by Dr. Aashna Sidhic, faculty of ASM. She explained the need for increasing knowledge on the area of general business by MBA students. She has arranged a small quiz competition on the topic of general business incorporating the logos of different business institutions functioning at national and global level.          

In the second session Dr. Vijayakumar Varma, the Director of Ahalia Ayurveda College and Ahalia Heritage narrated the details of sculpture heritage functioning in the Ahalia Heritage Campus. Also explained the story behind the different sculptures installed at Ahalia Heritage.

Day 6 (27/10/2022)

    One session on “Self – Confidence” has been handled by Dr. Krishnakumar Kishore, Executive director, Ahalia Group. He has given certain tips to attain self-confidence among students.

          In the second session, Dr.Sumina, Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College has given an interactive session on “Work Place Stress Management”. In the session, she has explained the reasons for stress and feasible solutions to overcome stress.

Day 7 (28/10/2022)

         In the first session, a special talk on the topic “Decision Making and Self Esteem” has been done by Mr. Satheesh M, Counselling Psychologist, Ahalia Group. He narrated about how to make good decisions and suggested suitable measures for improving self – esteem.

        The second session was handled by Ms. Rinsy M, Counselling Psychologist, Ahalia Group. In this session, she discussed about different aspects of emotional intelligence like self-management, social awareness and relationship management. The session came to an end at 12.45 pm.

Day 8 (31/10/2022)

         In the first session, Ms. Manju  M has taken a session on the topic “How to Set Goals?”. She discussed about tips for setting goals, SMART Goals and the importance of setting goals in life. Each student presented their goals in their life and how to make it attainable.

         In the second session, an induction on how to perform in the Group Discussion has been discussed. A model Group Discussion programme was arranged. The panel members are Prof. (Dr.) B Vijayachandran Pillai, Ms.Manju and Ms. Aashna Sidhic. The students were very actively participated in the group discussion.

Day 9 (01/11/2022)                                              

                  In the first session, CA Anil, Practicing Chartered Accountant has handled one session on the topic Financial Ethics. In the session has narrated the need for maintaining financial ethics. He has given an idea on the effects of violation of ethical principles while reporting financial statements.

         In the second session, as part of Kerala Piravi Day (66th Birth day of Kerala State) celebrated. In this session, Prof. (Dr.) B Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, ASM served as the resource person. In his inaugural address, he narrated the history of Kerala State, Cultural and geographical background etc. He also stressed the need for liberating the students from the clutches of drugs, alcohol etc.

Day 10 (02/11/2022)

      In the first session, Dr K. Manivannan has given some tips to prepare for Marketing Games. Thereafter, he has given a model marketing game to students. All the students were participated eagerly and found a solution to game given to them. The resource person also pointed out the weaknesses of the students in framing strategy.

      In the second session the resource person Mr.Rakesh P Prabhakar has handled one session on how to improve your presentation skills. He has given some tips and exercises to improve their presentation skills.

An Interactive Session on Banking Innovations

On 25 August 2022, the ASM arranged an invited talk on ‘Banking Innovations’. Dr. Anil A V, International Banking Regulator served as the resource person. Prof. (Dr.) B. Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, ASM introduced the resource person to the participants and welcomed the gathering.  Dr. Anil gave a brief account of innovations in banking sector in the current global scenario in a very creative style. The session was in an interactive style and students raised their queries which were clarified by the resource person. It lasted for one and half hours. Ms. Shara, II sem. MBA student proposed the vote of thanks to all the participants.

Graduation Ceremony 2022

                The programme started at 10.00 am on 21 August 2022 with the procession of passed out MBA students (2019-2021 batch) led by the chief guest Dr. A. Rajagopal Kamath (Asst. Divisional Manager LIC of India; Ernakulam), Prof. Dr. B. Vijayachandran Pillai (Principal and Director, Ahalia School of Management) and Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor (Executive Director, Ahalia  Group of Institutions). Followed by prayer by Ms. Risvana Mariyam K N, junior MBA student.  Thereafter, Ms. Ann Mary Francis, Assistant Professor welcomed the president, the chief guest and all others present in the function. The presidential address was delivered by Prof. Dr. B Vijayachandran Pillai. He stressed the need for conducting the graduation ceremony day and some offered tips to the students for their career improvement. Thereafter Dr. Krishna Kumar Kishor delivered the keynote address. Next Ms. Neetu P M, Assistant Professor introduced the chief guest Dr. A. Rajagopal Kamath to the participants followed by inaugural address by the chief guest. In his speech the chief guest has given a clear account of the steps to be followed by the employees for winning success. Thereafter the distribution of oath roll and oath taking ceremony was performed. The graduation day memento was distributed by the chief guest to all the passing out students.  Ms.Manju M, Assistant Professor proposed vote of thanks to all the participants followed by an official photo session. The programme ended with national anthem by 1.00 pm.

MoU Signed With Nasra College of Arts and Science, Tirurkad, Malappuram District

The Ahalia School of Management has signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Nasra College of Arts and Science, Tirurkad, Malappuram District on 4th August 2022. The college offers UG and PG programmes in arts, science and literature subjects. The MoU aims at academic interaction and intellectual assimilation through faculty development programmes, seminars/workshops and conferences, research promotions and sharing of library information, publications and industrial visits on a collaborative basis.

Invited Talk on ‘Handling of Human Resources Effectively’

ASM arranged an invited talk on the topic Handling of Human Resources Effectively on 7th July 2022. Mr. Jimmy J. Nalappat, General Manager, HR, IIT Limited, Kanjikkode, Palakkad served as the resource person.  Ms. Preethi Mole A. T. welcomed the Chief Guest and all faculty members and students to the meeting. Prof. Dr. B. Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, delivered the presidential address and in his speech he stressed the changing  role of HR Managers in Business Organizations. Mr. Jimmy .J. Nalappat gave an overview of HRM function and duties of HR Managers in a practical approach. It was an interactive session. The resource person clarified all the queries of students in a very satisfactory manner. Dr. Jagadeesh S.N, faculty, ASM coordinated the programme. The programme came to an end at 4 p.m. Mr. Sabinkumar S. (II Sem MBA student) proposed the vote of thanks to chief guest and others participants.

Chartered Accountant’s Day

      ASM conducted a special program in connection with Chartered Accountants Day on 1st July 2022. Ms.Sarangi Mohan welcomed the President of the session, the Chief Guest and faculty members and students to the meeting. CA Anil K. C., Practicing Chartered Accountant and Consultant, Ahalia Group was the Chief Guest. Prof. Dr. B. Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, in his presidential address explained the role of Chartered Accountants in the current scenario of LPG. CA Anil K. C. concentrated his talk on three areas namely CA examination pattern, role of CAs in Accountancy profession and career opportunities of CAs in India and abroad. The students raised queries like the papers in the examination, papers exempted if any for MBA candidates etc. He clarified all the queries raised by the students and faculties. Ms. Jisha O. and Ms. Manju coordinated the programme. Ms. Sarangi Mohan and Ms. Seethalakshmi were the student coordinators. A total of 56 students from second semester MBA, second semester BBA and nine faculty members were attended.  Ms. Seethalekshmi proposed the vote of thanks to the chief guest and all others who participated in the session.

A Session on ‘Career Guidance and Life Insurance Awareness’

ASM organised an invited talk on Career Guidance and Life Insurance Awareness on 05-05-2022 at 2 pm. Prof. Dr. B. Vijayachandran Pillai (Principal  & Director) introduced the resource persons and welcomed them. He stressed the need for life insurance in this globalised era. Thereafter, the resource person Ms. Salomi C M, Senior Branch Manager, LIC of India, Palakkad Branch 1, gave an insight on life insurance from the beginning till date. She explained the role of LIC in the life insurance market in India and abroad. The other resource person, Mr. Vijaya Kumar P. V., Chief Life Insurance Advisor, narrated the career opportunities in life insurance sector and the service benefits of life insurance sector jobs. Finally, Mr. Arjun Satheesh proposed the vote of thanks to all those who participated in the programme.

Internship Training Programme at Govt. Hospital Muvattupuzha

The MBA (HCM) students of 2020-2022 batch undertook an internship in Government hospital Muvattupuzha from 25.04.2022 to 30.04.2022.  The students underwent internship in various departments of the hospital like front office, administration office, medical records library, insurance office on a rotation basis. Also they served as volunteers for the inauguration of ‘Club Foot Clinic’ at the hospital. It is one among the 36 such centers in Kerala.  They participated in Anti-Leprosy session organized at the hospital.  Moreover, they conducted a survey among the patients to analyse the water consumption level in order to conserve water utilization.  All the students participated in an Anti-Malaria infection session during their internship.