UHV Programme -2023-2025 Batch

UHV Programme -2023-2025 Batch


The orientation/Induction programme on UHV for MBA students of 2023-25 Batch commenced on 4.9.2023. The Principal and Director, Prof. B.Vijayachandran Pillai formally inaugurated the session at 2.00 p.m. The principal has narrated the purpose of orientation, the facilities available and unique features of the Ahalia Institutions during the inaugural session. Thereafter, an ice breaking session was arranged in which all the faculty members were given a brief introduction about them. Similarly, all the students introduced themselves and mentioned their ambitions, strengths and weakness etc.        In the first session, Prof. B Vijayachandran Pillai, Principal and Director, ASM handled one session on ASM and MBA – Some unique attractions. In the session, he has explained the unique attractions of MBA programme, career prospects, and skills required to pursue MBA etc. The session came to an end at 4.45 pm.


On 5.9.2023, as part of Teachers Day Celebration, a seperate session has been arranged.  The formal function started with a prayer by Sona, Anagha, Fathima, Anagha Babu and saniyaa (first sem. MBA students). Ms. Anagha Babu, First Sem. MBA student welcomed all the teachers and students to the function. Thereafter, the students introduced all the teachers with a brief bio data, appraised their services. The Principal and Director, ASM delivered a special talk on Professional Teaches and Higher Education. In his session, he has narrated the qualities required for a Professional higher education teacher. He also discussed the role professional teachers in the modern society.  Ms. Lakshmi Lal, first Sem MBA student, proposed the vote of thanks to all the participants. The comparing work was done by Ms. Nitya Menon. The first semester MBA students coordinated the entire programme.

The second session was handled by Ms. Sanitha A, Librarian, ASM on the topic ‘Library Services’. In the session she discussed the types of libraries, library software and the E- resources. Later, she explained the rules and regulations followed and the services offered by the ASM library. Students got a hand- on experience of using OPAC and locating the books from the library. The session ended at 1 p.m.

In the afternoon session, a visit to the Heritage in Ahalia Campus has been conducted. One faculty, Dr.Aashna Siddhic accompanied the students. All the Junior Batch MBA students attended the visit programme.


On the third day of the orientation (7/9/2023), the first session at 9.30 am was handled by Mr.V Ramachandran, Former president Lions Club, Palakkad and Trainer on the topic Personality Development for Management students. In this session, he has given some tips to excel the performance of students in their career and personal life by quoting examples of reputed personalities in the field.

The second session was handled by Dr.K. Manivannan. The topic of discussion was Innovation and Start ups. In the sessionhe discussed about traits of a good entrepreneur, desruptive methods for the lean startups, Innovation in the field of business, trend setting for money management and scope for entrepreneurship for MBA students. The session came to an at 1.15 pm. 

In the afternoon session, an industrial visit to the Ahalia Medicine Manufacturing Unit at Ahalia Campus has been organised @ 2 p.m. Faculty members , Dr.Aashna Siddhic and Dr. Manivana accompanied the students. All the Junior Batch MBA students attended the visit programme. The visit came to an end 4.p.m


On the fourth day of the orientation (8/9/2023) the first session was handled by M.V Satheesh, Counselling Pschologist, Ahalia Group of institutions. His topic of discussion was on Unlocking Potential ; Navigating the MBA experience through a Psychological lensHe has discussed about the importance of mental health, leadership qualities required for management, decision making skills and resilience.

In the second session (from 11.15 to 1.00 pm), Dr. Viji, Admin. Executive, Ahalia Diabetes Hospital and Ms. Sneha M., Quality executive,  Ahalia Diabetes Hospital have handled.  Dr.Viji has discussed about patient care and health care ethics. Ms. Sneha in her session concentrated on quality orientation and patient safety.

    In the Afternoon session Dr. Prem Narayanan, Medical Director and Consultant Endocrinologist, Ahalia Diabetes Hospital Palakkad has discussed about good living habits, need for following good diet system and avoidance of use of drugs and suggested certain steps to control the diabetes.


Ahalia School of Management conducted the Finance game as part of the UHV programme on 11/09/2023 at 9.15 a.m. For this purpose, the students were divided into five groups to present an innovative entrepreneurship idea with financial forecasts. Each group presented different entrepreneurial ideas with vision, mission, corporate objectives and a master plan to implement the ideas into reality. Faculties asked questions based on the proposal and gave suggestions for improvement. The programme came to an end at 1.00 p.m.

In the afternoon session, we have organised an interactive session on Entrepreneurship.  Mr. Sunil Joseph, MD Sark Cables Pvt. Ltd, Kanjikode, Palakkad has served as the resource person. The session began at 2pm. Ms. Neetu P M, Assistant Professor; ASM welcomed the resource person of the session. Resource Person Mr. Sunil Joseph interacted with students. He emphasized the challenges faced in the entrepreneurship journey. He stressed the need for self-discipline and adaptive skills to excel in the career and also ten aspects which a potential entrepreneur must focus on to bring success in the business. Feedback of the session was given by the students Ms. Lincy Reji, Ms. Jyotsna Jayan and Mr. Abhineeth S. The Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Anna Pauly (I semester, MBA student). Feedback of the session was given by the students Ms. Lincy Reji, Ms. Jyotsna Jayan and Mr. Abhineeth S. The session came to an end at 4pm.


The First session was handled by Chartered Accountant Mr.Anil K.C, Internal Auditor, Ahalia Group of Institutions, Palakkad. He has given a talk on Financial Ethics. He discussed the need for financial ethics in Business organisations and important ethical principles in the area of finance. The session came to an end @11.15 a.m.

In the second session, the resource person was Dr.N.Sunil Kumar, Vice principal, Ahalia Ayurveda Medical College, Palakkad. His topic of discussion was on Role of Ayurved in Health care. He narrated a brief of historical background of of Ayurveda System and the importance of Ayurved in health care Management. He also discussed about the Ayurveda medical tourism and marketing strategies.

In the Afternoon session, Dr.Vijayakumar Varma has handled a session on Hospital Management. Thereafter, a visit on Ahalia Sculpture Park has been arranged. Dr. Varma was the moderator of the visit and he has given a brief introduction on the different sculptures installed in the park. The visit came to an end at 4.30 p.m.


   In the first session, a separate session has been organized to give an opportunity to students to present their business ideas. The teachers and the students raised their queries and clarified. Thereafter, students are allowed to speak on the topics assigned to them.  The maximum time permitted for each student is five minutes. This session is meant for improving the communication skill of students.

The second session was handled by Dr Krishna Kumar Kishore, Executive Director, Ahalia group of institutions. The topic of discussion was on you. He introduced the concept through activity based session. He suggested that there should be a link between the present and future in terms of our interest.

The afternoon session was handled by Mr.K.M.Unni IRSS, Advisor (Administration), IIT Palakkad. He has shared his professional and personal life with wonderful interesting stories. He suggested certain methods for improving the efficiency of the managerial people.